Current Research

All of my research activities are centered around sustainability considerations and technological advances in logistics and supply chain management. I use a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods but mostly focus on qualitative, exploratory approaches. My current work is focused on two streams as outlined below.
Circular Economy and Bioeconomy
This research stream aims at contributing to global sustainable development through advancing circularity and the use of biomass in manufacturing supply chains. For example, we investigate how improved information sharing between supply chain partners benefits the adoption of Circular Economy principles. Also, we look into the relevance of drivers and barriers for using more bio-based polymers in product development.
Application of Blockchain & DLT in Logistics
This research stream aims at cutting through the hype surrounding Blockchain and DLT in the logistics domain. We investigate how this rapidly evolving technology can be used for improving logistics processes, e.g., as part of the HANSEBLOC consortium in Hamburg. Apart from use cases, we explore what it takes for an established logistics company to fully embrace major technological developments like Blockchain and DLT.